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"Understanding Your Home" by Building Inspector Mark Visser
*Conserving energy. *Recognize early signs of trouble. *Preventive maintenance. *Moisture and humidity problems.
* Over 120 subjects including: Electrical, Environment/Health, Fireplace, Insulation, Plumbing and much, much more!
Canadian Water Towers and Standpipes Directory A collection of more than 700 active, still standing or torn down Canadian water towers and standpipes.
Ontario Business and Service Directory List your business for a one-time setup fee of only $52.99
No annually renewal fees!!
"Gone Fishing" History of the Christian fish symbol. 30 Second Daily Exercise. Check this 'negative' to stay 'positive'
Burlington Ontario Annual Events/Attractions. Brant Inn Compass. Pioneer Villages. Business Directory. Historical Markers. Magnetic Hill. Museums. Naval and War Memorials.
Magnetic Hill - Burlington Experience the thrill of this optical illusion. This hill is longer, steeper and more 'powerful' than the well know Magnetic Hill in Moncton, NB.
Magnetic Hill - International Directory The only directory of its kind with information on more than 25 magnetic hills in countries around the world.