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Burlington - Ontario
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"Burlington's History, Cast in Bronze, Carved in Stone"
A collection of more than 300 plaques, markers, cornerstones, date stones and dates poured in concrete.
Burlington's History recorded in bronze, aluminum, cast iron, stone, wood, stained glass and painted plywood.
People living in Burlington may not even know about the Magnetic Hill or the amphitheatrical qualities of the Brant Inn Compass. The hill has been around for thousands of years though it's 'magnetic' powers were not discovered until the advent of cars and paved roads. The acoustical oddity of the Brant Inn Compass is simply a fluke. The 59 foot diameter compass was built in 1998 as part of a work to develop the former Brant Inn site.
Burlington has a rich History
which is reflected in many Heritage Buildings preserved in the downtown area as well as 'out in the country'. Involvement of it's citizens in both World Wars, the Korean war and other areas of conflict is remembered by the War Monument at City Hall and the Naval Ships' Memorial Monument in Spencer Smith Park. The city's oldest living residents are listed in the Honour Roll of Burlington Trees.
give a good impression of how things were in the past while the Annual Events are more about who we are today. There is also a list of other Area Attractions which underscore the quality and diversity of life Burlington has to offer today to its citizens as well as to those passing through.