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Your health is at risk
A damp or wet basement means that one of the largest spaces in your home become useless. Not only do you loose valuable storage room but is can also effect your health. Moist air encourages mold to grow on organic surfaces such as wood panelling, carpets and drywall. Musty smells and mold spores will become airborne and spread throughout the house where it can enter your lungs. This can create many health problems.



Basement Insulation - From Exterior Side
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Thermal resistance of insulation

The thermal resistance (or RSI) value is a measure of a material's ability to resists heat flow. The higher the R value, the better the material insulates.

The RSI value of the insulation is set by local codes and varies from area to area. Before starting any repairs, remodeling or retrofitting involving insulation check with your local building department. Aany moist, damp or wet insulation, has to be replaced as water damaged insulation is no longer effective.

Wet or damp basement
. If there is a severe water problem in the basement the exterior may have to be escavated. Foundation repairs, damp-proofing (1), installing a drainage system (3) and insulating the foundation walls can be done at the same time.

The ridged board insulation (2) must be protected from sunlight and damage with a protective coating (4).

The insulation can be capped, as illustrated below, with J-channel, metal flashing or wood flashing to prevent water damage.

J-channel metal flashing wood flashing

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