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Bidets. Bidet attachments. Bidet seats

Bidet seats can be very expensive and in some cases cost almost as much as a regular full size bidet. The regular toilet seat and cover are removed and replaced by the bidet seat.
Many companies make bidet seat attachments that include remote controls to activate the water jets and air dryer. Further refinements also include adjustable water pressure, temperature compensation, and directional spray control. Bidet seats come with a plug-in for electrical power and need a nearby power source.

Using a toilet/bidet is a bit time consuming, so if you are in a hurry make sure that there is a supply of toilet tissue paper nearby!!


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Bidets. Bidet attachments. Bidet seats
As the saying goes "There is nothing new under the sun" and the bidet (pronounced bid-day) is no exception. Bidets were definitely a part of ancient or medieval civilizations and still are very popular in parts of Europe and Asia. They are less common in the US and Canada.
For those who would like to have a bidet but lack the space (or finances) to install a regular bidet there is the option of "upgrading" or converting an existing toilet with either a bidet attachment or bidet seat. With an aging population toilets/bidets with drying facilities are becoming more popular for use among people with physical disabilities. These combined units make independent toileting possible for many people, affording greater independence. These toilet-to-bidet upgrades are now readily available throughout North America.

A standard bidet may resemble a traditional toilet but it is not a toilet at all, but rather is a completely separate toilet-like looking plumbing fixture. A bidet is a low-mounted plumbing fixture or type of sink intended for washing and cleaning the external area of one's private parts, as well as the skin near these areas. Bidets are normally installed next to toilets.

Bidet attachments for toilets are relatively inexpensive ($20-$30), last for years and do not use electricity. They are easy to install and operate. Many bidet attachment models fit under the existing toilet seat and have to be connected to a nearby cold water supply line. Some models use cold as well as hot water. A build-in mixing valve provides the right warm water supply. Bidet attachments fit almost any two-piece toilet but are not compatible with some one-piece toilets. A bidet attachment gives you the luxery of a standard bidet without spending a lot of money.

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