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Bathroom vanities. Console tables. Mirrored Cabinets. Linnen cabinets

Free standing small bathroom vanity with storage behind two doors

Bathroom Furniture - Overview

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Bathroom vanities. Console tables. Mirrored Cabinets. Linnen cabinets
The main function for bathroom furniture is to help keep the bathroom tidy and organized. You need a place to store items that are normally used in the bathroom such as extra tissue paper, towels, hair dryers/brushes, cosmetics, nail products, tooth paste/brushes, etc. Bathroom furniture also provides a place for bath salts, lotions and candles. A single or double vanity is just about standard for all bathrooms. Depending on bathroom size and available finances, you may also want to add another piece of bathroom furniture such as a console, mirrored cabinet or linen cabinet.

Without a doubt this is one of the most used items in the bathroom. Not only does it provides storage space on shelves, often behind doors, but also on top of the vanity. Most bathroom vanities have a single or double sink. Double-basin vanities offer generous interior storage and provide plenty of room for use by two people at the same time. You can also order a vanity without a basin. Besides choosing a vanity with or without a sink, you also have an unlimited choice of shapes, sizes, colours and materials. Bathroom vanities can be free standing but are usually built-in with a bathroom mirror mounted on the wall behind it.

A bathroom console is a table-like fixture of traditional design (curved legs and top edge) of a more contemporary look. The table is either wall mounted with two legs or free-standing with all four legs. The vast majority of wall mounted bathroom console tables come with a sink, which areĀ  not surprisingly, called console sinks. Console tables are both useful and decorative. Some come with a bottom shelf while others have towel bars on each side or have both.
Console tables are usually made of fine wood but also other materials can be used such as glass (for console top and bottom shelf), acrylic, wrought iron or wicker.

A mirrored cabinet will add some additional storage and elegance to any bathroom. Some models have triple mirrors. The center mirror is stationery while the two end mirrors can be angled to help with grooming. You also have the option of adding lights. For more information go to Bathroom mirrors or Medicine cabinets

A linen cabinet is usually narrow and tall. When I was still framing homes the linen closet was located in the hallway close to all bedrooms. It was used for storing, you guessed it, bed linens, spare pillows and the likes. In many homes today the built-in linen closet is still located in the bedroom hallway. However, if your bathroom is large enough you may want to add a free standing linen cabinet. There is a wide range of options for styles, materials and finishes available. If I would have to choose a linen closet I would look for a model that was practical and stylish at the same time. The unit would have doors below and some open shelves on top. The lower section would be used to store towels while the shelves would hold items such as candles, bath salts, lotions and that large glass jar filled with seashells.

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