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Bathroom mirrors. Cheval mirrors. Frame an existing bathroom mirror

Cheval mirrors, found in homes before the turn of the century, are full length mirrors that can be tilted to any angle. These were mainly used for dressing purposes. Cheval mirrors are very popular today as well but are mainly used in bedrooms and sometimes in spacious bathrooms.
Cheval mirror frames can be made of:
Wood: Cherry, oak, ash, walnut, peach, mahogany, pine, painted white
Metal: brass or wrought iron and what I think is an insult to such a historic piece of furniture: Plastic.
Some cheval mirrors are mounted on casters so they are easier to move around

Contemporary Cheval mirror

Bathroom Mirrors

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Bathroom mirrors. Cheval mirrors. Frame an existing bathroom mirror
Mirrors serve more than one purpose. Beside the obvious one, for grooming, there are other benefits of having one or more bathroom mirrors. If you have a small bathroom, install a wall to wall mirror. Not only will it make the room look bigger, it also just about doubles the lighting.
Bathroom mirrors can be round, oval , square, rectangular, sculptured, framed, frameless, wall mounted, ready to hang (economical), custom made (most expensive), contemporary or antique.

The fast and easy way to add a mirror to your bathroom is to go out shopping for one, take it home, install it and you're done. If you want a wall to wall mirror or at least a mirror the length of the vanity you may have to order a custom made mirror. To get a quote online or by phone provide them with the approximate measurements. Insist that the supplier will visit your home to verify your measurements. They will also check for level, plumbness and wall structure to make sure that there is proper support. If no adjustments are necessary, you will receive a firm and final quote which should include the cost of installation.

Medicine cabinets are either surface mounted or recessed. Almost without exceptions they come with a mirrored front. They are either ready-to-install store bought or custom made. If you go for the latter you have a choice of overall size, shelf configuration and door design. I once installed a custom made recessed medicine cabinet that came with architectural drawings, no kidding!

Wall to wall bathroom mirror. Mirror on medicine cabinet door

The easiest way of dressing up an outdated bathroom mirror is to put a frame around it. There is no need to take the mirror from the wall which is a good thing because they can be heavy and awkward to handle. If you know how to trim a door or window you can frame a mirror. Just cut the trim to size and use a two-way adhesive strip or construction adhesive to attach it to the mirror. You also can purchase mirror trim that comes with a pre-applied adhesive strip to the back. Bathroom mirror frames are available in wood, MDF, metal and acrylic and in styles ranging from contemporary to traditional.

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