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Garden bridge. Garden bridge plans

All steel garden bridge

Garden bridge.
Garden bridge plans

Garden Bridges

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Garden bridge. Garden bridge plans

Adding an ornamental or functional garden bridge to your front, side or backyard may add that special touch. The bridge may span a creek, a pond or a rock filled dry bed. The bridge can also be placed just on the grass near the end of the property giving the illusion that the yard extends beyond the bridge. Garden bridges come in a wide variety of widths, lengths and styles.
Bridge styles.
A functional garden bridges can be either flat or arched. A popular style is the four or six post arched bridge. The typical small and light weight ornamental garden bridge is usually flimsy and should be properly anchored.
Garden bridges can be made of steel, pressure treated (PT) lumber, cedar or redwood. PT lumber should not be used if the bridge is over a pond filled with pond fish because chemicals may leach from the wood and poison the fish. Cedar and redwood can be protected by applying a sealer to protect the wood from the elements. Another option is to let the wood weather to a soft gray.
All hardware should be made of rust resistant zinc plated steel.
Garden bridge plans.
Buying a ready to assemble kit could be expensive, especially if the unit is purchased on line and shipping costs are added. Another option is the buy a garden bridge plan and hire a local contractor to build it for you. However, if you have the expertise of building your own bridge, go for it.
Local building codes.
If the garden bridge is designed for foot traffic and over a body of water it may be a good idea to contact your local building department. The bridge as well as the railings may have to comply with local building codes.

Six-post arched garden bridge

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