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Unusual edging design

Driveway Edging

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Driveway Edging.

Adding drive way edging can also drastically change the overall appearance of your driveway, just have a look at the pictures.
There is also an aesthetic aspect, in that driveway edging looks more "finished". Since edging adds to the cost of installing a driveway, they are generally limited to urban and suburban areas.
Driveway edging can be made of concrete, pavers, bricks, wooden beams, railroad ties or of a host of other materials. Edging can be made either of the same material as used for the driveway or of a contrasting material and/or different colour. For my first driveway I installed railroad ties for edging. It looked great for many years but after about 15 years they had to be replaced. Personally I like the concrete edging as it can easily be formed in a slightly slanted way so that it will guide water from melted snow, ice and rain towards the road.
Driveway edging can be installed for new driveways as well as added to existing ones.
Edging is recommended for all driveways regardless of the type of material used because:
- For gravel driveways it will prevent gravel from being moved onto the lawn. Without edging the driveway will, over time, look untidy with undefined edges.
- For asphalt driveways it will prevent grass and weeds from damaging the driveway edges. Without edging the roots will create, first small, and later, many larger cracks.
- It gives a more finished look.

Left: Pavers for edging
Right: Concrete curb edging
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