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Ornamental gates
These beautiful wrought iron gates have withstood the elements since 1932 and are still in excellent condition.

Driveway Gates
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Driveway gates. Ornamental driveway gates.
Wooden driveway gates. Wrought iron driveway gates. Aluminum driveway gates. Galvanized steel driveway gates.
Driveways gates are a lot wider and taller that a fence gate and in most cases there are two gates instead of one. Proper support for the two hinge posts is crucial. The posts must be strong enough to keep the gates and locking device aligned. Usually the 'posts' are of masonry construction. If this is the case proper footings should be installed. Your local building department should be able to tell you the required thickness of the pad and how deep the footings should be installed. In northern climates this is always below the frost line.
Traditionally driveway gates were made of wood or ornamental wrought iron. Driveway gates made of wrought iron are often used for homes that cannot be seen from the road. Wooden driveway gates are ideal for homes that are located closer to the road as it provides privacy as well. In addition to wrought iron, driveway gates can also be made of lightweight aluminum or galvanized steel. Contact to your local supplier or manufacturer to to see their line of traditional and contemporary designs or show them your own design.
A well designed driveway gate can be impressive and certainly will increase the property's value.

One of many driveway gates at country
estates and along the shoreline of Lake Ontario

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