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Outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting tips. Lighting systems
The most frequent mistake is to buy fixtures that are too small. A light fixture will look about half as big on your home as they do on the store display. Once you have chosen the "right" fixture, measure its length and width and go home. Now cut from a piece of cardboard roughly the shape of the light and tape it to the house. Stand back and see if it looks right on the house. Without this exercise you most likely will end up with a light fixture that is too small.

Conduits are required for 120 Volt wiring. All outside circuits have to be protected by a GFCI breaker in the main electrical distribution panel. This is not a DIY project, call a certified electrician to do it for you.

Matching fixtures at driveway entrance, garage and front door
Outdoor Lighting Tips

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Outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting tips. Lighting systems
Maybe you are ready to install a new lighting system. Maybe you want to add some "mood lighting" to compliment existing lighting or maybe it is time to put you home up for sale. According to real estate professionals outdoors lighting can add up to 20% of the perceived value of a property. Many home shoppers do look at homes after dark. Before you do any work you may want to have a look at some of the outdoor lighting tips we have put together for you

Deck lights

Soffit lights

- Properly spaced soffit light will compliment the achitectural features of your home.
- Garden lights are to compliment the home's exterior. Too many lights may spoil the effects.
- Proper lighting of paths, walkways, driveways and steps can be an important safety feature. There should be enough lights to show visitors where to walk and where to park. Steps may require extra lights for safety reasons.
- Do not place driveway lights too close to the driveway. Leave room for snow plows.
- Where possible, place lights in flower beds and among low growing scrubs.
- Large trees look good by placing spot lights at the base of the trunk.
- If possible use a mixture of light fixtures (solar, spot, flood and tree lights for walk, path and driveways).
- Do not create a runway effect by placing lights in a straight line.
- Driveway post lights should match the design of fixtures mounted near the front entrance of the house.
- Illuminate waterfalls and fountains for a dramatic effect.
- Illuminate deck steps and posts for that cosy feeling.
- Lights, and especially spotlights, should be placed in such a way that they do not shine into neighbour's windows.
- Do not aim a spotlight at the front door. You may get blinded when opening the door to see who is calling.
- Do not make the mistake of buying an outdoor light fixture that is too small. See important GOLDEN TIP (to the left).
- There is no rule on how high exterior lights should be mounted at entrance doors and other places but here are some suggestions; a) A bit higher than eye level. b) 1.70 M. or 66 inches. c) Even with top of the door. d) See GOLDEN TIP, top left, and follow instructions.
- When using only one fixture at the front door, make sure it is installed on the same side as the doorknob so you can clearly see who is calling when opening the door.

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