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Chemicals used in PT wood could pose a heath hazard. Do not use PT wood to construct play and climbing equipment or a sandbox for the little ones.
DO NOT burn PT wood in your fireplace or wood stove.

The fence should be cleaned annually with water and a mild detergent. Once your fence has dried completely, apply a water repellent sealer.
With proper care your fence should last a long time.

Pressure Treated (PT) Wood Fencing

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PT Wood. Pressure treated wood fence.

Any wood that has been treated under pressure with some chemical preservative that protects the lumber from moisture and insects is known as treated lumber. If it has been applied under pressure it is known as pressure treated wood (PT wood.)
The majority of fences built are made from PT wood. The main reason is that PT wood is the most economical choice compared to other fencing materials. When you cut a piece of lumber you will notice that the chemical preservatives (green colour), that protects the lumber from moisture and insects, in some places barely penetrated the wood. Most people don't see the significance of this. They just think that pressure treated lumber should last 'forever'. However, that is not the case. To make your fence last longer a water repellent should be applied annually.
Don't start yet!
* Before even starting to build your fence you should check with the local utility companies if there are any underground utilities in the area where you want to build the fence and if so, where they are located.

* Be 100% sure of where the property line is. If not, you may need a property survey which could be costly but believe me, it will be a lot less expensive than finding out later that "your" fence is on the neighbours property!!!!
* Contact your local building department to find out the proper depth for fence post footings, height restrictions and whether or not you need a building permit.

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