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Despite claims of low maintenance vinyl fencing should be cleaned with water and a mild detergent at least once a year to prevent discolouration caused by bird droppings and pollution.
Painted fences need regular maintenance while unpainted wood fences should be treated with a water repellent sealer.
If you don't see water beads after it has rained it is time to re-apply the repellent.


Picket Fence

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Wood picket fence. Vinyl picket fence. Picket fence kits.

Picket fences have been very popular in North America. Typically they were used around the entire property but nowadays we build six foot tall privacy fences. However, a well built and designed picket fence at the front of the house takes on a charm and character that's right up there with Mom and apple pie. The ideal picket fence has to be white as far as I'm concerned. Any other colour just wouldn't be right.
Picket fences are generally short, 4' tall or less, and do not completely block the surrounding view. The fence can be made of wood or vinyl.
The narrow vertical boards, usually around 2 1/2" wide, are called pickets. The tops are either sculptured (harts, round. etc.) or pointed. The fence can be assembled from prefabricated sections.
Don't start yet!
* Before even starting to build your fence you should check with the local utility companies if there are any underground utilities in the area where you want to build the fence and if so, where they are located.

* Be 100% sure of where the property line is. If not, you may need a property survey which could be costly but believe me, it will be a lot less expensive than finding out later that "your" fence is on the neighbours property!!!!
* Contact your local building department to find out the proper depth for fence post footings, height restrictions and whether or not you need a building permit.

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