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Check pool fencing

Many municipalities have by-laws regulating pool fences. These by-laws regulate items such as fence height, gate height, maximum space below fencing, size of chain link fence openings, spacing of horizontal fence members to prevent climbing by young children.
Annual fence inspections are recommended.

*Equip all windows that could allow a young child to access the pool area with a child-resistant window guard.
A window guard should not allow the window to open more than 4" (100mm).

*For extra safety have at least two adults in the immediate pool area when small children or non-swimmers are in the pool.

Pool Fence

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Pool fence.

What is a pool fence? A pool fence is a four-sided fence around a pool. However, many homes have a fence on only three sides, the property fencing. They will prevent neighbourhood children from entering the pool area but they do not prevent children living in the house or those visiting from entering the pool. Pools present a significant risk of infant and toddler death due to drowning. Most drownings of children four years of age and younger, occur when the child is walking or playing near water, not when swimming or intending to swim. Therefore it is advisable to closely watch small children around swimming pools, especially private pools that do not have professional lifeguards.
Installing a fence between the house and the pool may prevent young children from drowning. Fencing which completely encircles the pool and isolates it from the house is the most effective way to stop children from entering the pool area from the house.
Checklist for pool fencing.
* Pools should be completely enclosed on all four sides by a pool fence.* Property fencing (usually at the back and both sides of the house, should have horizontal members spaced apart far enough to prevent youngsters from climbing the fence. * The gate in the pool fence should be self-closing and self-latching. Although self-closing gates appear convenient, one should never rely upon their mechanisms for total safety and its operations should be checked often. * Gate should be open outwards, away from the pool. *Gate latch should be located as high as possible so a young child cannot reach it. * Gate should be self- closing and locked whenever the pool area is not being used.

* The fence should be designed to keep out young children and prevent them from climbing over.
Choice of pool fence
. Pool fences are manufactured in several different types, using a variety of materials. The two most popular types are the permanently installed wrought iron fence and the removable mesh fence. Talk to your pool fence company or pool fence manufacturer about your options and then check with your local building department to see if the fence will comply with local by-laws.

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