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I spotted this beautiful gold
coulored wrought Iron fence
around an old home
in downtown


Wrought Iron & Ornamental Fencing

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Wrought Iron fencing. Ornamental fencing.

Wrought iron fencing was the standard option for decorative fencing till other substitutes arrived on the scene.
An ornamental iron fence can finish your outdoor landscaping with extraordinary classic elegance. It is expensive compared to other fencing systems but it will add beauty to your home and increase property values.

Wrought iron fencing provides effective security and is one of the most secure fencing that is available. It is very difficult to break through or jump across a tall wrought iron fence.
An wrought iron fence provides a clear property line border without sacrificing the view. However, it's "open" design does not provide much privacy.
Since wrought iron fencing provides excellent security without obstructing visibility, it is often used for pool enclosures, decorative gate and patio enclosures and boundary fencing.

Some manufacturers of wrought iron fencing offer customers with an artistic mind to create their own one-of-a-kind design.
Iron fencing needs less maintenance

Wrought Iron fence in country setting
than most of the other fencing options and it has a much longer lifetime than other fencing systems.
Today, wrought iron fence components are pre-fabricated and come with a chemically bonded powder coated finish. Fences are available in various heights and in a variety of colours.

Don't start yet!
* Before even starting to build your fence you should check with the local utility companies if there are any underground utilities in the area where you want to build the fence and if so, where they are located.
* Be 100% sure of where the property line is. If not, you may need a property survey which could be costly but believe me, it will be a lot less expensive than finding out later that "your" fence is on the neighbours property!!!!
* Contact your local building department to find out about height and setback restrictions and whether or not you need a building permit.

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