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Aluminum patio furniture. Cast aluminum garden furniture. Tubular aluminum outdoor furniture

Powder coating is peeling off
(grey patches)

Finding replacement webbing for these folding aluminum lawn chairs can be difficult
Tighten all nuts and screws when your patio furniture seems to be getting loose. Apply a lubricating oil such as WD 40 to all chair glides and swivels.

Aluminum patio furniture. Cast aluminum garden furniture. Tubular aluminum outdoor furniture


Aluminium Patio and Deck Furniture
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Aluminum patio furniture. Cast aluminum garden furniture. Tubular aluminum outdoor furniture
Aluminium patio, garden or outdoor furniture is a good choice if you are looking for furniture to spruce up your backyard. It will look good on the lawn, patio or deck. It is designed for outdoor use because it performs well in all types of weather conditions. This type of furniture is strong and will last a long time. However, if the protective coating is compromised it will corrode.
Aluminum patio furniture is light, durable, in some cases stackable and has no problems of chipping or cracking associated with other materials. Outdoor aluminum furniture is also advertised as being made from cast aluminum or tubular aluminum.
Lightweight folding chairs with netted, nylon or wood slat seats have been around for many years and come in handy when you are hosting a backyard party.
Factory applied finish
Factory installed powder coats may give the aluminum outdoor furniture a grey, black, antique bronze or other finish. During this process the powder (dry paint) is electrostatically charged so it will adhere to the aluminum furniture parts. The parts are then placed in an oven and the powder particles melt to form a continuous film..
Scratches on metal parts
If the finished surface is scratched or damaged it should be taken care of as soon as possible. The affected area should be lightly rubbed with fine steel wool before applying a coat of rust-inhibiting paint.
Many manufacturers will include a touch up paint kit with the purchase of aluminum patio furniture

Aluminum patio set

Always follow the instructions as printed on the label or enclosed literature. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer for more information. Applying two thin coats is better than one heavy coat.
- Bird droppings are acidic and should be removed immediately to prevent lasting damage to your aluminum garden furniture.
- Aluminum is not susceptible to rust or damage from inclement weather. However, if the aluminum furniture is not used over longer periods of time it may be a good idea to use waterproof covers.
- Taking the furniture inside during the off season will extend the life expectancy of the factory applied finish coat.

If you are using steel wool make sure to wash away all wool particles. If any is left behind it will rust and discolour the newly repainted areas.

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