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Wicker patio furniture. Wicker garden furniture. Wicker outdoor furniture

Detail of Intricate weave and pattern of wicker furniture made of natural materials

Wicker patio furniture. Wicker garden furniture. Wicker outdoor furniture


Wicker furniture does not fold for winter storage. Make sure you have enough storage space before buying.
Wicker Patio and Deck Furniture
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Wicker patio furniture. Wicker garden furniture. Wicker outdoor furniture
Wicker outdoor furniture is made from two types of weather resistant material. They were originally made from the stems of palms found in tropical regions all over the world. The palm stems were tightly woven into interlocking panels, and formed into the desired structure. Today most modern wicker furniture is made from polyvinyl chloride or better known as PVC. The plastic has a long life expectancy and is virtually maintenance free. Just like with all other patio furniture, you get what you pay for. High quality PVC resists heat while lower quality PVC tends to soften and stretch on hot summer days.
Many manufacturers claim that their line of "all weather" patio and deck furniture is maintenance free. Well, you can maybe leave them all year outside if you live "down south" but if you happen to live "up north" your wicker garden furniture will guaranteed have that "weathered" look after a few seasons. Life expectancy of natural or PVC wicker patio furniture can be extended through regular maintenance.
- Wicker furniture, whether made of PVC or natural materials, should be vacuumed from time to time to remove any organic material. Failure to do so will, especially with natural wicker, lead to decay which in turn will shorten the life expectancy.
- Wash the furniture a few times each season with water and a mild detergent (Joy, Liquid Ivory, baby shampoo) and rinse with clean cold water. Make sure that the furniture is completely dry before replacing the cushions.
- Bird droppings are acidic and should be removed immediately to prevent lasting damage to your wicker garden furniture.

White painted PVC wicker chair and side table

Wicker furniture, whether made of natural materials or PVC, should be taking in during the winter. If this is not possible the furniture should have waterproof covers to shield it from harsh winter conditions.

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