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Two nice examples of the perfect garage. Not only is there room for the car but also for a trailer, boat or workshop area. Doors and window locations can be adjusted to your needs.

Garage - Detatched
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The typical detached garage in older neighbourhoods is a wood frame structure with wood or insulbrick siding. They were built for one purpose and that was to park the car, leaving no or little room to store things or to put in a small workbench. Over the years many have been made look good by installing aluminum or vinyl siding. Although they may appear to be different one from another by exterior finish they often have one thing in common - inadequate foundations or no foundation at all. This deficiency causes walls to bulge, roof lines (ridge) to sag and garage doors to jam. Also, the sill plate is often buried in soil resulting in wood rot, not only in the sill plate but also in the lower part of the wall studs. The electrical wiring in these older garages is, in most cases, outdated and outright unsafe. Faulty wiring should be replaced immediately. Once the garage is beyond repairs it may be a good idea to explore the possibility of replacing it with a larger structure.
There is a wide variety of garage kits available both in wood and steel.

Your typical detached garage.Left garage
is in good condition while the one on the
right is beyond repair and has to be replaced
A garage is never too big!!
If there is enough room on your property you may want to consider to have a larger steel building installed. This larger structure will provide the extra room to store the trailer or boat as well as a dedicated workshop area.

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