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Garage door openers. Garage door opener installations.

Garage doors come with a quick-release handle which will disconnect the door from the trolley or chain. This comes in handy when there is a power failure so the door can be operated manually. Please keep in mind that the garage door opener is also a substitute for a door lock. So, if the power is off and the door disconnected it cannot be locked.
Older garage door openers have a reversing safety feature that reverses the door on impact. Every year small children get hurt or even killed by garage doors that are operated with a faulty reversing unit. These units should be replaced as soon as possible by a garage door opener that comes with two photoelectric safety sensors which have to be installed one on each side of the garage door. These systems are a lot better than the older stop-on-impact door openers. When the light beam between the two sensors is broken the door will reverse.
* The sensors should be installed no more than seven inches (17 cm) above the garage floor.
* The wall console or push button to operate the door should be at least five feet (1.5 m) above the garage floor or, if there is a landing, from the landing. This is to prevent children "playing" with the garage door opener.
* Keep the remote control out of children's reach.

Standard 1/2 HP opener for single door
* Always watch for the door to fully close.
* Replace a burned out opener light bulb immediately to prevent mishaps by exiting the car in the dark.
* Find out from your garage door installer any other safety features that may be available (keypad options, remote lockout, carbon monoxide sensor that opens the door when exhaust fumes accumulate, etc., etc.)

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