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Same as for the rest of your vinyl fence. Oiling the hinges once in awhile doesn't hurt unless the hinges are self-lubricating.
Installing longer screws than the ones that come with the latch is highly recommended so that the vibrations of closing the gate, over time, will not loosen the screws.


Vinyl Fence Gates

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Vinyl fence gate.

Gates are without a doubt the most important part of any fence or property entrance. A fence without a gate is useless right? A gate must be able to stand up to heavy traffic, be durable and its supports must be strong enough to keep the gate and locking device aligned. Fence gates provide the finishing touch to a fence. You can have the gate blend in with the fence or you can make it stand out, either by design or choice of material. Always make sure that the gate swings freely. Keep it low if you have a small pet. If the gate is also used during the winter keep it approximately 6" (15 cm) above grade so it doesn't get stuck with the first snow fall.
The gate shown blends in with the fence.
Always check the work before paying the contractor.

Did you notice that the post cap of the hinge post is missing on this two year old fence? Also, the latch post should have been cut down to the same height as the hinge post.

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