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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

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Kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinet refacing.
If the kitchen cabinets have an outdated look and are generally speaking in good structural condition you may want to consider refacing. Give your kitchen a fresh and modern look by replacing the existing doors and drawer fronts and refacing the cabinet frame. To complete the kitchen make-over install new hinges, door handles/knobs and drawer pulls. Savings for refacing kitchen cabinets run anywhere from 50-70% compared to new kitchen installations.
While still in the planning stage you may want to consider adding a lazy susan, glass doors, deep drawers to store pots and pans, light valances or crown moldings.
There are many colours and facing materials to choose from. Refacing the door and drawer fronts with wood veneer is very popular as it can be painted or stained to match the kitchen decor. Another choice of material is laminate. It is less expensive and very easy to keep clean. There are many colours and patterns to choose from. Laminated surfaces are also scratch resistant.

- Cost effective.
- No need to remove appliances, sink and faucets unless you decide to replace the countertop.
- If you do not change the existing kitchen layout there are no additional costs for flooring, wall repairs, electricians and plumbers.
- No dirt, dust and in conveniences associated with tearing out an existing kitchen and installing a complete new one.
- No "downtime". Kitchen is available during the refacing process.
- Your new-look kitchen is a good investment and will add to the real estate value of your home.

As with all home renovation projects you want to make sure that you are covered in the event something goes wrong. It is your responsibility as a homeowner to check if the contractor carries E&O insurance. BEFORE you sign on the dotted line ask for a copy of the title page and check for dates to see if it is valid. Look for another contractor if there are any hints of hesitation to produce or questions asked about why you want to see this document.

For even greater savings you may want to consider cabinet refinishing.

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