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I recently visited a Home Depot store and found a product that was specifically for taking scratches out of stainless steel. The name of this stuff is Scratch-B-Gone. The product will remove surface stains, water spots and scratches. I had scratches on my stainless steel refrigerator door and on my Viking range and I used the product. It really works. The scratches are gone and best of all the area I treated blended in with the rest of the surface. It was so easy to do! Amazing!
If you notice in the instructions its says for "brushed grain stainless steel" only.

I have a Beaumark SS Range. I am forever dripping down the front of my range. I usually wipe it immediately, but that doesn't always take away the mark. When we bought the stove, it came with a cleaner and protector for stainless steel appliances, and I tell you...it works! It is an oily product that you just spray on and wipe away any water marks, and finger prints. I use it when I want my SS products to shine. It is by: Lloyds, it is called Gleemit, cleaner and protector for stainless steel. We bought our range at The Bay. I'm not sure where else you can buy it, but the salesman told me that as long as it was an oil and not a paste, I used to shine my appliances, that it should work.

Removing Scratches from Stainless Steel Sinks & Appliances

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There are several products available that will help to remove scratches in stainless steel kitchen sinks and appliance. Apparently they can also be used for removing scratches on stainless steel kitchen appliances and pots and pans. By checking on-line comments I have compiled a list of products that have been used successfully by consumers.

Always, always make sure to work WITH the grain. Some products instruct users to apply it in a circular motion. When restoring the stainless steel kitchen sink NEVER apply the product in a circular motion and NEVER go against the grain.

The remedy: Use car 3M Liquid Compound which can be purchased at an automotive shop. Rub in same direction as the grain of the brushed steel and use LOTS of elbow grease. This will take a while but the hard work will pay off and the stainless steel will look like new. Use Vinegar to remove the grease from the compound and see the final product.

I would like to thank Mr. Freeman Newton from White Rock Canada for sharing his knowledge about getting scratches out of stainless steel with 3M scotchbrite grey and maroon pads. Use the finer maroon or purple colored lighter pad for finishing off.
My husband and I tried this and our stainless steel sink looks brand new again! Our sink does have tiny grooves that all go one way which made this process possible as long as you move the pads in the same direction of the grain in the steel. Thank You! Thank You!

I am now living scratch free! Years ago, maybe three, while shopping at a Williams-Sonoma store, I purchased a copper and stainless steel cleaning solution. It is intended to be used on pots and pans. It is describe on the label as an "easy to use creamy paste." I knew it worked well on our pots and pans, and that it really is easy to use, so I thought, what the heck, lets try a small part of the fridge and see what happens. I found the most obscure section of our fridge, applied a little, with the grain and cleaned it off. Amazingly, the scratches were gone. The fridge now looks like it did the day we bought it. The paste is made by REVERE. It is intended to be used on REVERE pots and pans, but I kid you not use it on your appliances. You will thank me. So basically it is called Revere Copper Cleaner. I have a 7 oz. jar. It is made by Corning. Trust me on this. You will not be disappointed. The paste has a bit of a gritty texture to it. The directions say to apply it in a circular motion. Out of fear of making further circular scratches, I chose to apply with the the grain of the steel. This worked perfect. Say good-bye to your scratched up appliances.

Scratch Away Sink Restore Kit removes scratches and damage caused by utensils, pots and pans, non-woven cleaners and steel wool. Damage is removed, not filled in. Leaves sinks with an attractive, uniform finish that holds up much longer than anything on today's market.

BAKING SODA, WATER, SOAP for spot removal.
This is a huge thanks for Claudia K of Great Neck, New York and whoever else recommended the baking soda and soap solution for spots on stainless steel. I made the solution....didn't even measure. Just used about 1/3 c. baking soda, about 1/2 cup water and then some liquid dish soap. Apply this mixture with a sponge or damp towel, rub hard back and forth in the direction of the grain, and then buff with a damp cloth. You will be pleased as the spots come off immediately!

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