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Winterizing your Home or Cottage

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Winterizing home or cottage. Frozen water pipes
When the temperature falls below 32° Fahrenheit (0° Celsius) inside a house, there is a good chance that water will freeze. When water freezes it expands 9% and pipes can crack or burst. If a pipe cracks it may not show till the ice melts. If a pipe bursts, gushing water will immediately indicate that there is a major problem. Turn off the water supply to the house by closing the main valve and make the necessary repairs. If this happens while you are away from the house, spilled water can cause water damage running into thousands of dollars. Potential problem areas where plumbing supply lines can freeze are in outside walls or floors above an unheated crawl space.
There is not only water in plumbing supply pipes but in every thing hooked up to it such as:
- Appliances (dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerator, ice maker, etc.)
- Plumbing fixtures and accessories (toilets, bidets, flexible spray hoses at the kitchen sink and shower heads , drinking water treatment filters, water softeners.
- Drains for sinks, showers, bathtubs, hot tubs & saunas, washing machine, dishwasher.
- Heating and cooling (radiators in hot water heating systems, condensate produced by high efficiency furnaces , central air conditioners, furnace humidifiers.
As a general contractor and building inspector I have good news for you. Frozen water pipes are 100% preventable! That's right. Even if the furnace quits in the dead of winter, and whether you are at home or away from it for a few days. For more information go to how to thaw and prevent pipes from freezing.
The slogan used in Real estate is 'location, location, location! The slogan for unoccupied homes or cottages during the winter should be 'winterize, winterize, winterize! After the water supply lines have been drained, add antifreeze to just about everything else that holds water to prevent water damage and costly repair bills. .

Draining water from plumbing supply pipes

Winterizing appliances, plumbing fixtures, drains, furnace, CA, furnace humidifiers, etc.

PV antifreeze. Your best and safest way for winterizing your home or cottage

Give your home that "live-in look" when you are gone

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