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Deck storage box. Patio storage box

'Lockable lid' means that the lid can be locked but you still have to go out and buy a lock.

If the box is used during the winter it may be a good idea to cover it with a small tarp because snow turned into ice may make it difficult to open the lid.

The above mentioned leaky 132 gallons deck box was made by KETER and bought at Costco. They are out of luck though for claiming any refund because most deck storage boxes come with a 2 year limited parts warranty.

Deck storage box. Patio storage box


Deck or Patio Storage Box
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Deck storage box. Patio storage box
The vast majority of deck storage boxes are made of resin. They range in sizes from 50 gallons and up. Regardless of size and manufacturer they all have a lockable lid, are easy to assemble without tools and claim to be a stay-dry design. This however is not the case with the five or six year old deck box purchased by a family member of mine. Somehow moisture or rain is getting in at times and come winter the furniture cushions have to be wrapped up in plastic. Something else is coming in as well, mice!
Styles and colours
Some deck storage boxes come with a lid that can can seat two adults. There are also boxes shaped as a bench or of a wicker design. The dominant colour is a creamy beige or grey but other colours are available as well.
Box can be used for
Storing furniture cushions, sports gear, toys, pool items and grill supplies. It can also be used to keep kindling wood for the fireplace dry. Just place the box next to the back door for easy access.
Many manufacturers claim that their deck box is maintenance free. Well, you can maybe leave them outside all year if you live "down south" but if you happen to live "up north" your patio or garden furniture will guaranteed have that "weathered" look after a few seasons. The look of the resin storage box furniture will be affected by air born pollutants and bird droppings. Bird droppings are acidic and should be removed immediately to prevent lasting damage to your resin outdoor furniture.

Deck box can also be used for extra seating
To protect your outdoor furniture from these pollutants you should apply a good quality resin furniture wax twice a year. There are several cleaners available but it seems that Clorox Pro Results Outdoor cleaner (applied by brush) and Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are excellent products for rejuvenating the good looks of resin furniture. A client of mine told me that she also had great results by spraying the resin furniture with a bit of Turtle Wax 2001 Super Protectant.

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