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Standard patio heaters. Table top patio heaters. Wall mounted patio heaters
Safety first
Electric patio heaters should be plugged directly into a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) protected receptacle or electrical outlet. Never use an electrical extension cord for extended time periods. It is against code in most jurisdictions.
Natural gas and propane patio heaters should be checked for leaks periodically throughout the season, especially after the heater has been stored for the winter.

Never try to fix a faulty heater yourself. Gas leaks can be quite dangerous. Always call a certified technician to service and/or repair your patio heater.

Do not hang anything including clothes, towels, or any other flammable material on or near the unit. Do not operate the outdoor heater unless it is placed on a level surface.

Standard patio heaters. Table top patio heaters. Wall mounted patio heaters


Patio Heaters
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Standard patio heaters. Table top patio heaters. Wall mounted patio heaters
A patio heater is an appliance for generating radiant heat for outdoor use. Patio heaters have become popular since they extend the day and the season for all those who love the outdoors.
There are many patio heaters to choose from
- Tall patio heaters, up to 2.10 m. (7 feet).
With these tall heaters you have a choice of starting the outdoor life earlier in the spring or stretching it later into the fall.
- Table top patio heaters
Even on a chilly evening these patio heaters can provide radiant heat up to 2.70 m. (9 feet) away from the heater. Just place it on the table and huddle around it.
- Wall mounted patio heaters
Short on space? No problem. These heaters can be mounted to the side of the house, garage or any other masonry wall near the patio or deck. A building permit may be required. Check building codes with your local municipality
Fuel source
Electric patio heaters are more environmentally friendly than other heaters but need time to produce maximum heat. Natural gas and propane burning patio heaters produce heat as soon as they are turned on.
Here is how they work
A burner on top of a post, burns natural gas or propane and directs the flames against a perforated metal screen. Heat is radiated from the surface of the screen in a circular pattern around the appliance. A reflector atop the burner reflects heat to the people on the patio, heat that would be otherwise lost.
Minimum clearance
The heat output of patio heaters can vary a lot and it is strongly recommended to read the owner manual before deciding on where to place the heater.

2.15 M (7 ') tall patio heater may heat up to a 3-4.6 m. (10-15 ft.) radius

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