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Patio sets

Scratches on metal parts
Many manufacturers will include a touch up paint kit with the purchase of outdoor furniture.
Try to touch-up nicks and scratches promptly. When applying touch-up paint, please follow instructions and cautions on product labels. Begin by rubbing lightly with a fine steel wool to smooth the surface and improve paint adhesion. Apply thin coats of touch-up paint and allow ample drying time between coats. When complete, wax repaired area with a non-hazing automotive paste wax.

Just like about every other consumer product your patio set should be purchased by a reputable retailer. Before purchase enquire about manufacturer's warrantees. Ask how long the product has been on the market and if they carry, if necessary, touch-up products including paint to repair any scratches.
Always remenber, getting a real good deal could be expensive in the long run.

Patio sets


Patio Sets
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Patio sets
The typical patio set consists of a table, four or six chairs and usually an umbrella. The table can be round, oval, square, octagon or rectangular in shape. Some tables have a glass or Plexiglas top. Plexiglas tops are up to seven times more impact resistant than glass. They are also lighter in weight and less expensive to replace. The drawback is that they scratch easy and are more prone to soiling thanks to air born pollutants. Standard patio tables come with a standard 5 cm. (2") diameter umbrella hole. If so desired, tables can be ordered without this hole. The most commonly patio sets are made of resin (plastic), wood, aluminum, wrought iron and wicker.
If you are looking for a patio set online you may find that the sets are also listed under 'Garden furniture' or 'Outdoor furniture'.
Many manufacturers claim that their line of "all weather" patio sets are maintenance free. Well, you can maybe leave them all year outside but after a few seasons they will guaranteed have that "weathered" look regardless of the material used to make the patio set.
The life expectancy of your patio set can be extended through regular maintenance.
- The main thing to do is give your patio set a good wash a few times each season with water and a mild detergent (Joy, Liquid Ivory, baby shampoo) and rinse with clean cold water. Make sure that the furniture is completely dry before replacing the cushions.
- Bird droppings are acidic and should be removed immediately to prevent lasting damage to your patio set.
- Reapply stain or a sealer to all wood parts every 2-3 years or as needed.

- Apply a good quality resin furniture wax once or twice a year to all resin patio sets.
- Tighten all nuts and screws when furniture seems to be getting loose.
- Take furniture inside for the winter or cover to extend life expectancy.
- Spray WD 40 oil on chair swivels and glides twice a season.

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