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Despite claims of low maintenance vinyl pergolas should be cleaned with soap and water at least once a year to prevent discolouration caused by bird droppings and pollution.
If the pergola is attached to the house you may need a building permit. Check with you local building department.


Vinyl Pergolas

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Vinyl pergolas. Vinyl pergola kits.

Pergolas have been built for centuries. A pergola is a garden structure that support cross beams. The pergola is either a standalone structure or attached to the house. Free-standing pergolas can be used as a type of gazebo. Lattice can be added to the sides or top to accommodate the growth of vines. Pergolas attached to the house provide protection and shade to patios, pools or other open areas. Pergolas also can provide shelter and shade to a length of walkway such as the space between the house and garage.
Vine types to grow on a new pergola. Trumpet vine, wisteria, honeysuckle and clematis. Wisteria is really vigorous and needs regular pruning and is not recommended for colder climates. I prefer clematis, however, some types can grow out of control as well. I would recommend to plant several clematis that bloom at different times. Check with your local garden centre to find out which types are most suitable for your area.
Vinyl pergolas come in many sizes and styles. Most manufacturers guarantee their product for life against yellowing, cracking and chalking. They also claim that vinyl is resistant to graffiti, termites, fungus & dry rot.

Low maintenance vinyl pergola

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