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Goldfish. Koi. Fish food

Pond fish in colder climates
Pond fish will survive the winter as long as you prevent the pond from freezing over. Always keep an area open so toxic gases can escape. To keep the water from freezing It may help to place the pump just below the pond surface, or use a heater/de-icer, or install an aerator kit, or cover the pond. As the weather begins to cool in the fall and throughout winter, your fish will not eat. Their digestive systems become lethargic and their metabolism will slow down dramatically. In other words, the fish are hibernating. Do not feed the fish during the winter. Snow should be removed from the ice surface to allow light to enter the pond.

Adding new fish
If you want to add new fish, add one or two at a time over a period of several weeks. Any new life in the pond will produce extra waste, and your biological filters need time to adjust to the added ammonia and other waste products.

Are Koi hard to keep?
According to the experts, yes. Water should be checked daily. According to those who have Koi, no. Some check the water occasionally and their Koi are doing just fine. Just remember that Koi keep growing and need more room than goldfish. Koi have a tendency to hide while goldfish are more active and easier to spot.

Goldfish. Koi. Fish food


Pond Fish
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Goldfish. Koi. Fish food. Aeration kit. Pond Heater. De-icer
Pond fish are interesting additions to any pond. Pond water should be allowed to settle for at least 24 hours before introducing fish. Waiting a few weeks would be better. A garden pond needs constant attention. Slack off a bit and before you know it you have algae problems and cloudy/murky water. There is a vast array of pond chemicals available to control and maintain water quality. Good, clean and clear pond water is a must for healthy fish and plant life. If you run into trouble keeping your pond healthy looking, talk to an expert. Search the internet for solutions or even better, talk to an expert. The pond store or water landscaping centre may be the best place to go for reliable advice. Personally, if I have any questions about my pond I go to the pond store (25 km away) for expert advice instead of to the nearest garden centre (2 km away).
Types of fish
There are many types of pond fish to choose from but not all fish may be suitable for your pond. Some fish eat other fish while others will eat or kill pond plants. The two most popular types of pond fish are the goldfish and koi. Both are colourful and easy to spot. Let's have a look and see which type would be best for your garden pond.
Goldfish are available in different body shapes, markings, sizes and colour variations. A goldfish is a more active swimmer than koi. Because they are active and colourful they are easy to see and follow with the eye. Goldfish do not eat pond plants and will only grow as large as the pond size permits. This type of fish is recommended for smaller garden ponds.
Koi are not always easy to spot as they don't move around as much as goldfish. They also have a tendency of staying close to or hiding between pond plants. Koi eats pond plants and continue to grow regardless of the size of your pond. Therefore, a koi pond has to be larger than a goldfish pond. One source states that a koi pond should be at least 90 cm deep (three feet) with a capacity of 3800 liters (1000 gallons). Don't overstock a koi pond as it limits the availability of essential oxygen. Installing a pond pump will increase the oxygen levels.
Fish food
Natural food is not available to your pond fish so you will have to buy fish food that is suitable for the type of fish to have. One of the main things you should look for is food that is easy to digest to limit organic waste. Also keep in mind that different foods may be required for cooler (spring and fall) and warmer (summer) months. Do not feed the fish during the winter. If you are planning to be away for a length of time you may want to purchase an automatic pond fish food dispenser. It is always a good idea to consult an expert about what kind of fish and fish food would be best for your pond.

Koi come in a large variety of colours and sizes

Goldfish in large lined pond

To release pressure created when water turns into ice throw in a few swimming pool noodles and/or tennis balls.

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