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Pond liner. Pond liner underlay
Liner material
The vast majority of flexible pond liners available commercially are manufactured of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), HDPE , Butyl Rubber or PVC, with the first two liners being the most popular. A newer method involves a spray-based coating known as polyurea, and though the cost of using polyurea is considerably higher than flexible sheets, the lifespan of the material may be much longer than any other.
Lifespan of EPDM pond liner: Up to 20-25 years and can be used in northern climates.
Lifespan of Butyl Rubber: Up to 20-25 years.
Lifespan of HDPE liners: Up to 15 years but they are not recommended for use in northern climates.
Lifespan of PVC liners: Up to 10 years.
The picture shows EDPM pond liner in 5', 10' and 20' wide rolls. (1.5 , 3 and 6 m)

Liners will release toxic components in the water so buy your pond liner from a place that is also selling pond fish and ask them which type of pond liner would be the best for your pond. If they have a working pond display ask what type of liner they used.

Pond liner. Pond liner underlay


Pond Liner
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Pond liner. Pond liner underlay
A pond liner is an impermeable membrane used for garden pond water retention. The liner is very flexible and can be cut easy to fit the size of most ponds. Pond liners are manufactured in rolls. For larger ponds strips of liner can be seamed or welded together on site. Although pond liners are strong they still have to be protected from sharp stones below the liner. After the pond hole has been dug all visible stones and roots should be removed. Added liner protection can be provided by layers of sand.

Pond liner underlay
Installing a geotextile underlay will add a protective barrier between the pool liner and and rocky soils. A liner underlay will extend the lifespan of your pond liner. Some stores will not guarantee their pond liners unless an pond liner underlay is installed.

Before installing the liner leave it in the sun for some time to warm up. A warm liner is easier to handle and install.
Pond liners for larger ponds can be very heavy and having someone to help you would be a good idea.
It is impossible to install the liner wrinkle free. Just follow the contours of the pond and try to make the pleats or folds as neat as possible. Leave approximately a 12" (30 cm) lip past the edge of the pond. Fill the pool with water a bit at a time so you can keep adjusting and folding the liner as you go along till the pool is filled with water to the desired level.
Now that the pool is filled with water it is time to trim the liner. A good utility knife or a pair of heavy duty scissors will do the job. The edge of the pond liner can be rolled over and secured in a trench held in place by stones or rocks.

The picture shows EDPM pond liner in 5', 10' and 20' wide rolls. (1.5 , 3 and 6 m)

Almost done. Now that the pool is filled with water it is time to trim the liner

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