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Preformed flexible pond kits

Rigid or flexible preformed ponds?
Rigid ponds are, as the name already implies, rigid. There is no choice in size, what you buy is what you get. The size makes it almost impossible to take it home after purchase unless you have a pickup truck. Flexible preformed kits come folded and fit in the trunk of your car.

Material and life expectancy
Flexible pond kits are manufactured mainly from rubber, nylon, plastic and other components. The rubber component makes to pond flexible which makes it easy to unfold. The plastic component of the pond material makes the pond more rigid. Many flexible pond kits are sold with a with a 20 year manufacturers warranty which is about the same as for good quality EPDF and Butyl rubber pond liners.
At one time all rigid and flexible preformed ponds came in one colour, black.
Today's ponds are also available in a greyish colour which has the look of rock.

Flexible preformed ponds in cold climates
Beware! Some manufacturers claim that the pond is good for extreme temperatures of -18 C (0 F). This is OK for areas with moderate winter condition but may be not good enough for areas where it can get much colder than that.
So, before buying the pond at your local garden centre, pond store or on the Internet, check first with the manufacturer and find out if the pond can withstand the normal winter temperatures for the your area.

Preformed flexible pond kits


Flexible Preformed Pond Kits
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Preformed flexible pond kits
Instead of buying a rigid preformed pond at a local pond shop or garden centre you can also buy a flexible pond kit online. Everything you need is shipped in a box. The kits are relatively inexpensive and each box contains everything you need. Not all kits come with the same contents, so go online and see what each manufacturer has to offer.
The quality and performance of flexible preformed ponds has been greatly improved and is now a great alternative to the standard rigid preformed pond. Here are some of the reasons why preformed flexible pond kits are so popular:
- They are easy to handle because everything you need comes in a box. It can be shipped to your home if the kit is bought online or it fits right in the trunk of your car if bought locally.
- Low cost shipping or even free delivery right to your home.
- Available in standard black colour or rock-like in appearance which makes it easier to blend in the flexible preformed pond with its surroundings which in turn makes it look more natural.
- Many pond sizes to choose from. Anywhere from 100-700 liters (approximately 25-175 gallons). Always install the pump according to instructions included with the kit.
- Many flexible preformed ponds have a 20 year manufacturer's warranty which is about the same as for EPDF and Butyl rubber pond liners.
- Contents of the preformed flexible pond kit are not necessarily the same for all manufacturers, so go online and see what each manufacturer has to offer. Most flexible preformed pond kits come with the pond shell (obviously), a few fountain heads, tubing, clamps, pump and streamlet. Some pond kits come also with an underwater light kit and floating lilies (most likely not the Real McCoy but made of plastic).
- The pump that comes with the kit is geared to the size of the pond so there is no worry about getting the right size pump.

Although most flexible preformed pond liners are chip, fade or crack resistant they are not all suitable for very cold climates. Always check manufacturers warranty before a purchasing.

The pond shown in these images
is made by Algreen products

1- Make sure to install a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet near the pond. The receptacle should be located close enough to the pond to accommodate a pump with a 1.8 m (6 feet) long electrical cord. Most pump cords however, are much longer.
2- Install an exterior on/off switch so power can be turned off temporarily when you are working on or around the pond. It is not a good idea to put your hands in the water for let's say, planting plants or cleaning the water intake on your pump. I know, you installed a GFCI outlet to prevent deadly mishaps but be smart and turn off the power because water, or wet conditions, and electricity are a bad mix.

Unfolding the pond and installation
- Follow manufacturers instructions. The following points may not be the same for all pond kits.
- Remove pond and streamlet, if one is included, from the box.
- Push, from the inside of the pond and streamlet, till it is fully opened.
- Let stand for at least one hour in direct sunlight to fully expand.
- Installation is the same as for rigid preformed ponds.

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