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An Automated Pool Cleaner
is a vacuum cleaner intended to collect debris and sediment from swimming pools. Pools using such a cleaner on a routine basis are not only visually cleaner but also using less chemicals which means lower operating costs.
Talk to other pool owners and/or your local swimming pool contractor to find out which system is best for your pool.


Pool Cleaners

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Pool Cleaners.

To keep a pool clean and in good condition takes time but pool cleaning is a task that has to be performed over and over again. The job however, can be made a lot easier by using an automatic pool cleaner for your in-ground pool. Also referred to as pool vacuums, these cleaners make the job of cleaning a pool much easier.
There are four main types of cleaners to choose from, classified by the drive mechanism used:
1- Return-side driven — water outflow being returned to the pool is used for locomotion and debris suction, via the venturi effect.

2- Pressure driven — a minor variation of return-side driven, water outflow is pressurized using a secondary "booster" pump. This high pressure water is used for locomotion and debris suction, via the venturi effect.
3- Suction-side driven — water being pumped out of the pool via its skimmer or drains is used for locomotion and debris suction.
4- Electronic & Robotic — an external electrical power cord is used to drive motors used for locomotion and suction.

Automated pool cleaner
Some models come with a timer allowing the cleaner to start working during the night when the pool pump is turned off. However, the cleaner also does a good job during the day with the pump running.

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