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* Save big on energy use by planting bushes or by installing a fence to act as windbreakers.
*Water evaporates as it cools so, install a pool cover when the pool is not being used.

Pool equipment can be installed out-in-the-open or housed in a pool shed. If yard size permits pool equipment and a place for changing clothes can be both accommodated by building a cabana.

Pool Heater - Natural Gas

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Pool heater - Natural Gas

Just like pools come in many sizes, so do pool heaters. Always make sure that the natural gas pool heater is the right size for your pool. Things to consider are the pool's volume, pool surface area, preferred temperature and normal day and night time temperatures for your area. You have the option to choose the basic unit or a more sophisticated natural gas heater. Todays heaters are efficient and generate large savings compared with older units. A natural gas pool heater uses either a pilot light or, in most cases, an electronic ignition system. The latter is more energy efficient as there is not a pilot light (flame) that is continuously on.
Benefits of a natural gas pool heater:
- The length of the swimming season can be extended by at least a few weeks in the spring as well as in the fall.
- A lot more efficient than electric pool heaters.
- An electronic ignition system lowers the cost of heating the pool.
- It is easier to maintain a water temperature that is geared to your needs. Some models will check for unsafe water temperatures.

Pool heater

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