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Part of the regular maintenance
program is an annual check of the roof tiles. This can be done with binoculars.
Where possible you want to check the main roof as well as the ridge and valleys for any signs of trouble. I would suggest to check the attic area when it is raining.
If you spot any irregularities call a roofer immediately to make repairs as required.

Concrete Roof Tiles
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Concrete roof tiles have been manufactured since the 1930s. The earlier tiles were produced with a paint coating that, once worn off, left a porous tile surface that would break down fast due to freeze-thaw cycles in northern climates.
Today, cement roof tiles are manufactured with a colour infused throughout the mix and should last longer than the earlier produced tiles. Cement roof tiles however, seem to be prone to the onslaught of algae and moss, especially in areas with much rain. The tiles are non-combustible, wind and hail resistant and affordable compared to clay roof tiles.
The consumer has many options when choosing profiles and colours. One of the options is a light weight tile which can be installed on a standard truss roof. A properly installed cement tile roof is durable, affordable (compared to clay tiles) and may increase the home's value. With the help of a qualified roofer, choose a cement roof tile that will perform well in your area.

Concrete Roof Tiles

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