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Wood sand box. Wooden sandboxes. Sandbox plans

Sandbox kits
Store or on-line bought wooden or plastic sandbox kits are widely available and easy to assemble.
Make a square sandbox in less than 15 minutes!!
Decide how big of a sandbox you want. Then cut four boards to the same length and nail or screw together as shown below. Done, just add sand.

Wood sand box.
Wooden sandboxes


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Wood sand box. Wooden sandboxes. Plastic sand box. Sandbox plans

A sandbox is just about a 'must have' for every family with small children. Playing in the sand will keep them busy for hours on end, day after day. Sandboxes are available in many shapes and sizes and can be tailored to any budget. The wooden sand box is very popular followed closely by sandboxes made of pre-formed plastic. A sand box made of wood can be square, rectangular or hexagonal. Very young children love the green coloured plastic turtle shaped sandbox as well as other bright coloured animal shaped sand boxes.
Sand boxes made of wood
Wooden sandboxes should NEVER be made of treated wood. The rot resistant chemicals pose a serious health threat to children. Wood sand boxes are usually made of cedar, redwood, pine or Micro CA treated wood. All lumber used for a sandbox should have a smooth finish and rounded edges for safety.
Sand box accessories
The sandbox can be made more rugged by adding wooden corner brackets which can also be used as a seat. Larger models can be outfitted with benches to create more seating but a more practical way would be to add a 2x6 inch (50x150 mm) board to all sides. It would be a good idea to provide a removable cover for several reasons such as: *It will prevent the sand from getting wet. *It will keep out leaves and other debris carried by the wind and the sand does not have to be cleaned that often. *It will keep out cats and other night animals. *Toys can be stored out of sight. Adding a canopy or umbrella will keep the kids out of the sun and prevent possible sunburn.

Sandbox with removable top

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