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Shed plans
should be very detailed and yet come with easy to follow steps.
should be provided especially for larger wooden sheds that will be used for hobby, workshop or pool equipment.

Building permit
Some municipalities require a building permit so, before you start, check with your local building department. There also may be square footage, height and setback restrictions.


Shed Plans

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Shed plans.

If you are looking into buying a shed you may want to check if building your own is an option. If you are an experienced DIY and have the proper tools and if you want to save a bundle, building your own shed could be gratifying experience. Unless you can design your own shed you may want to consider buying a shed plan. Here are the steps to take:
- Contact your local building department to find out if there are size and height restrictions and whether on not you need a building permit.
- Choose what kind of shed you need. There is a large variety of shed plans available and your choice is determined by its intended use (general storage, garden tools and equipment, bikes, workshop, cabana, pool equipment, etc. etc.) The most popular type is the all-wood or wood frame with vinyl-siding.
- Purchase a professional shed plan. The plan should be very detailed and yet come with easy to follow steps.
- Choose the right location. If it is located close to the house you may want it to blend in with the house features. If you want it to be located out-of-the-way, build it to the back of the property where it can blend in with the natural colours of trees, scrubs and bushes.

- Go the extra mile and pour a concrete foundation and don't forget to run electricity to the shed. You may think you don't need a light and receptacles but believe me you won't regret it.
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