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- Prone to chipping and breaking.
- Unstable unless the sink is partially recessed into the vanity top.
- There is no overflow prevention so, before answering the phone do not forget to turn off the water!!!!
- Because of the bowl shaped design it is hard to clean the area where sink and vanity top are joined.
Because there are so many patterns and colours to choose from take some pictures of the vessels you prefer, take them home and make sure that the bathroom vessel sink will blend in with the bathroom style, colours and other fixtures that you already have.

Store display of vessel sinks

Vessel Sinks

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The old saying "There is nothing new under the sun" certainly holds true when referring to the "modern" vessel sink. It seems to be not all that long that the ceramic wash basin was a standard bathroom fixture. It was not until the late 1990s that someone decided to place a large bowl, similar in size and shape to the familiar old world style wash basin, on top of a cabinet, added a drain and the rest is history.
The bathroom vessel sink sits directly on the vanity surface. Faucets are either mounted on the vanity top or on the wall behind the vessel sink.

Bathroom vessel sinks come in a large range of materials, styles and finishes. The most common materials used for making vessel sinks are stone and hand blown glass. There are literally hundreds of stunning colours and shapes to choose from.
Natural stone sinks are fashioned from a single block in almost the same manner a lathe is used to make a wooden salad bowl from a single piece of wood. Needless to say that stone vessel sinks come with a hefty price tag. Bathroom vessel sinks are also made of ceramic, stainless steel, copper or marble.

Vessel sink with wall mounted taps.

Use extra care when installing a glass bathroom vessel sink. Though they are made of tempered glass or natural stone they still can easily shatter or break when bumped or accidentally hit during installation.

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