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Split face natural stone veneer.
This beautiful home is located in south central Ontario.

Split Face Natural Stone Veneer
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As the name already suggest, split face stone are field stones which are split in half, or for larger stones, several times to a thickness of approximately three to four inches. The split side becomes the face. Split face stone veneers offers can offer a beautiful and rich look for any exterior. The veneer is much lighter and much less costly than full thickness natural stone.

The stone is often drawn from more than one quarry and offers the consumer a wide variety of colour and size.
Split face stone applications are numerous and can be installed both on the interior or exterior of a building.
Split face stone veneers look and feel authentic, unlike the "stones" made in molds with artificial colouring that will fade over time.
Stone veneers will not fade, uses a low carbon footprint to produce and last forever. Split face natural stone veneer applications will increase the building or home value.

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