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Acoustic ceiling tiles
A popular size is the 12" x 12" (300 x 300 mm) tongue and groove tiles which are stapled to strapping.
The strapping, or furring, is nailed perpendicular to the ceiling joists and spaced 12" (300 mm) on center. The strapping may have to be shimmed if the floor joists are uneven.
Acoustic tiles, when exposed to high humidity, will expand and pull the staples through the tongue. If this happens, you will end up with loose and sagging ceiling tiles. Therefore, it is a good idea to add a bead of construction adhesive to each tile before it is stapled in place.
Suspended ceiling
drop ceiling
Acoustic tiles

Suspended or Drop Ceilings, Acoustic Tiles
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Installing suspended or drop ceilings. Acoustic tiles

Suspended ceilings
or drop ceilings may look a bit commercial but are practical and easy to install. They can hide plumbing pipes, heating ducts, and at the same time leave them accessible by means of removable tiles as illustrated. Suspended ceilings can also be used in older homes to hide badly cracked or damaged plaster ceilings. Ceiling panels come in two popular sizes, 2'x4' and 2'x2'.
The supporting grid system (main tees, cross tees, wall mouldings) are made of metal or vinyl. A vinyl grid system is not as strong and ridged as a metal grid system and should not be used for large ceilings or in conjunction with heavy ceiling tiles in order to prevent sagging.
Acoustic ceiling tiles are ideal for basement applications. It will control noice transmission from the living areas above.
Will fiberglass insulation in the ceiling help reduce noise transmission?

Yes. In my own home I installed R-12 fiberglass insulation in the ceilings of the tree noisy rooms in the basement, furnace, laundry and shower area. Standing in the kitchen above it it is almost impossible to hear the washing machine or the shower being used. Also, sitting downstairs noise from the dishwasher is virtually eliminated.

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