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Tree pruning. Wound
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Tree Pruning
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Tree pruning. Wound dressing. Pruning tools

Trees are important for cleaning the air, preventing soil erosion, providing shade and privacy so keeping them healthy is good for the tree as well as for human beings.
Trees can also lower the cost of heating and cooling your home.
To keep a house in good condition timely and proper maintenance is required. Pruning for a tree is what maintenance is for a house. Tree pruning should be left to a specialist unless you fully understand why, how and when a tree should be pruned. Improper pruning can damage a tree for a long time.
Pruning is necessary to remove dead or diseased branches and it promotes growth and health . Pruning also will create a desirable form. Not all trees are of the same age, size or species, so each tree will have to be pruned as required.
Leaf bearing branches should not be cut back by more than 25%. Fruit tree should be pruned early in the spring when the buds are forming.
Wound dressing. Sealing a cut with a dressing after pruning is not a good idea. Mother nature is well equipped to "dress" fresh cuts.
Pruning tools. To make the job easier always maintain your pruning tools. Keep them clean and above all, sharp. Some of the pruning tools you may need are loppers, hedge shears, pole pruners, long reach pruners, pruning shears or bow saws. Just like with all tools you will need around the house, don't go cheap but buy the best. Most of my carpenter tools are now more than 40 years old and still performing well. Remember, good tools you buy only once and are 'cheap' in the long run!

Fresh cut should be left as is

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