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- Use a bucket of soapy water to wash your car, and use the hose only for rinsing. The hose uses 23L/minute where as using a bucket can help you save at least two minutes worth of water (46L).
- Use a broom, not a hose, to clean driveways and sidewalks. A hose uses 23L/minute.
- Use water toys and outdoor "kiddy" pools to cool off, instead of the sprinkler. A sprinkler uses 1300L/hour so the savings can be astounding.

Good water is a precious resource, essential to our survival. It is important to care about using water wisely so there will be enough for future generations. By using water wisely, you help ease the burden on water treatment plants, storage and distribution facilities. That means utilities can delay building new facilities, which can be expensive. Reducing the amount of water consumed in the region allows money that would have otherwise been spent on expanding water supply infrastructure to be used for other projects such as drinking water treatment.

Tips on Conserving Water - In and Outside of the House

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Check out the many easy ways you can save water (and money), both in and outside your home. Be Waterwise ... Don't Waste a Drop!

TOILETS (33% of indoor water use)
- Low flow toilets save 6L per flush
- Ultra low flow toilets save 14L per flush
- Checking for leaks can save 1400L/month
- Water displacement devices can save 12-100L of water per day, depending on the device (stainless steel inserts, toilet dams, save 100L/day)

BATHS & SHOWERS (25% of indoor use)
- Low flow showerheads save 8L/minute
- Shorter showers help conserve water
- Filling the bath only half full saves 80L +/bath
- Putting a stopper in the tub before starting the water saves 20L/bath

WASHING MACHINES (24% of indoor use)
- Full loads and shorter cycles save 95L/load

FAUCETS (12% of indoor use)
- Turning the faucet off when it is not needed can save 10-40L/day
- Installing a flow restrictor or a faucet aerator can save up to 20L/day
- Checking for leaks can save 47L/day (2L/hr)

DISHWASHERS (6% of indoor use)
- Full loads on a shorter cycle saves 28L/load
- Dishwashing by hand and rinsing in a dishpan can save 32-60L per load

LAWN/GARDEN CARE (75% of outdoor use)
- Water your lawn only when it needs it. An hour of sprinkling uses 1300L of water and since no more than 2.5 cm can be absorbed, watering for longer is no benefit to your lawn. By changing from 3 hours of watering to 1 hour of watering, 2600L of water can be saved.
- By watering only those things that grow water isn't wasted on the cement. With the correct positioning of your sprinkler, 10-35L /minute are saved.
- Choose drought tolerant plants, less water is required and savings can be 10-35L/minute.
- A hose with the water running uses 23L/minute, by using a spring-loaded nozzle you can save up to 16L/minute.
- A soaker hose placed at the base of plants on the ground applies water to the soil where it is needed, rather than to the leaves, and reduces evaporation.
- Water in the cooler parts of the day, less water is lost to evaporation.
- If you aerate, apply compost and weed your lawn, less water will be required. More tips to the left.

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