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12" Clay pipes
were used until the mid 1970s.
The clay pipes are still popular but are now mainly used for storing wine bottles!
The use of corrugated plastic drain pipes became standard in the mid 1970s. This type of drain pipe is now used for all drainage applications. It is available in coils of 100 ft. or more.





Weeping Tiles or Drain Pipe
Interior Installed
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The best way to repair or replace weeping tiles or drain pipes is to excavate the exterior down to the footings. This would also be a good time to waterproof and insulate the foundation walls.
However, excavating may not always be practical because of limited space, landscaping or other obstructions.
If that is the case, new weeping tiles or drain pipes can be installed on the interior side of the foundation walls as illustrated below. Installing a sump pump may be necessary as well.
1. Remove a 12" (300 mm) wide section of concrete floor just inside the wall, then dig down to the bottom of the footings. Cut another trench across the floor to the existing floor drain or sump pump.
2. Drill holes through the bottom of the foundation wall to relieve the water pressure on the outside.
3. Install a perforated drainage pipe and cover it with gravel.
4. Fill the trench with concrete to the original floor level.
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