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Wind chimes. Wind chime plans. Wind chime parts

Wind chime plans and parts
There are many businesses online that sell wind chime plans and parts. If you are creative you can design and build your own. To the right is a photo of a chime made of old keys.

Wind chimes
Wind chime plans
Wind chime parts

Wind Chimes
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Wind chimes. Wind chime plans. Wind chime parts
Wind chimes are chimes constructed from suspended tubes, rods or other objects and are often made of metal, wood, bamboo, glass or shells. A unique sound is be produced when the tubes or rods come in contact with a suspended central striker, in the form of a ball or horizontal disk, or each other. Wind chimes may be used to observe changes in wind direction, depending on where they are hung. Wind chimes are, as a rule, hung outside but one person has found a way of using them inside, see "home security" below. The chimes produce a unique sound when moved by the wind. Small wind chimes are sold inexpensively in department stores and garden centers. They are quite pretty, usually enhanced with glass, wood, pewter or cute critters. Their tiny size gives them a very high pitch which can become very irritating after just a few minutes.
Depending on their size and diameter, metal tubes can produce a deep sound that varies with the the amount of wind blowing in and around the tubes.
A real wind chime must be tuned and hung in the right location and produces a sound that is soothing and relaxing. Some chimes are up to three feet (1 m) long and can be turned off for the night. If you want a subtle sound for your own enjoyment hang the chime close by and in a spot where there is little wind. For larger properties and neighbours living far away the chime can be placed out in the open.
Things to know before buying a chime
Know the kind of "music" you are looking for. Inexpensive small chimes produce a high pitched sound and can be easily tangled up. Metal and bamboo tubes produce deep sounds. High end chimes have to be tuned. If your neighbours live close by you may want a chime that can turned off for the night. As a rule, the more expensive wind chimes last longer and produce a sound that is more soothing and relaxing.
A wind chime for home security?
Not too long ago I read about a fellow who had wind chimes installed behind all exterior doors. They were hung from the ceiling with just the flag (also called wind sail) low enough to move every time the door was opened. He used wind chimes with different tones so he knew which door was being opened.

Bamboo tubes wind chime

Wind chime made of a bed spring
and old keys

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