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Garden windmill. Windmill plans. Windmill kits

Eight feet tall country
style garden windmill

Garden windmill. Windmill plans. Windmill kits

Garden Windmills

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Garden windmill. Windmill plans. Windmill kits.

Garden windmills come in different sizes, styles and are either stationary or rotating. The traditional style windmill is seen more frequently in areas where the population's heritage is linked to the old country. Less popular but maybe even more graceful is a scaled down version of a farm windmill. There are still plenty of these mills standing (but often no longer working) throughout the country. Smaller garden wind mills are often store bought but the vast majority of the larger mills are made from a plan or assembled from a kit.
Garden windmills and/or their "arms" can be either stationary or turning.
Traditional style garden windmill plans.
There are many on-line businesses that sell windmill plans or windmill kits. Most plans come with detailed instructions and full scale drawings. If you are planning to build your own mill you may want to consider purchasing a complete hardware kit that comes with a lazy susan which allows the turret (top section with arms) to turn into the wind and a shaft with bearings for rotation of the arms. The main body of the mill is constructed from exterior grade plywood.
Country style garden windmills.
The multi-bladed wind turbine atop a tower made of wood or steel was, and still is, a fixture of the rural Canada and the United States. These water mills featured a large number of blades so that they would turn slowly but with plenty torque in low winds. Scaled down versions, for garden settings, come in sizes ranging from 16 inches (40 cm)to 8 feet (2.4 m) in height. In some models the turbine is mounted on ball bearings and will rotate into the wind. The larger models come as a kit and will have to be assembled by the buyer.

Five feet tall traditional or
Dutch style garden windmill

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