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Garden wishing wells. Garden wishing wells plans. Wishing well kits

A solid build masonry wishing well complete with working crank and handle

Garden wishing wells. Garden wishing wells plans. Wishing well kits

Wishing Wells

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Garden wishing wells. Garden wishing wells plans. Wishing well kits.

History of wishing wells.
Centuries ago folklore connected wells with spoken wishes being granted. Water was seen to have healing powers and therefore wells became popular with many people drinking from it, or just simply wishing over it. People believed that the guardians or dwellers of the well would grant them their wish if they paid a price. After uttering the wish, one would generally drop coins in the well. That wish would then be granted by the guardian or dweller, based upon how the coin would land at the bottom of the well. It appears that even today people still believe that wishes are being granted by tossing a coin in any body type of water. The tradition of dropping coins in ponds, fountains, rivers, water falls and fountains is still practiced especially by younger children.
Today's garden wishing wells.
Garden wishing wells can be used to dress up your lawn, garden or patio area. They are no longer a source for water but are strictly a garden ornament. However wishing wells can also be used as a planter, with or without a bottom. If it is used as a planter holes should be drilled in the bottom for drainage. Some wells come with a working crank and handle to lower and raise a bucket.
Garden wishing wells can be made of stone, vinyl or wood. Cedar is the preferred choice of wood. Store bought wooden wells can be varnished, stained, painted. Left unfinished it will weather to a soft gray.
Wishing well plans.
Some handy gardeners may want to purchase a plan or kit and build their own wishing well. That way size and height can be adjusted to blend in with the rest of the garden.

Wishing well with weathervane

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