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International Directory of Magnetic Hills, Gravity Hills, Mystery Hills and Magnetic Mountains
United States of America
Helena. Gravity Hill This is Gravity Hill in Helena. In the foreground is Sulphur Springs Road. Crossing our view left-to-right just beyond the little white car .....
Rohnert Park. Gravity Hill The Gravity Hill is just south of Santa Rose and east of the city of Lohnert Park in Sonoma County. Take the Redwood Hwy (101) from Santa.....
Lake Wales. Spook Hill Spook Hill is located on North Wales Drive (Fifth Street). For more details see city map, shown below.....
Princeton, Gravity Hill From Princeton go west on 62. After approximately three miles turn right on Crider Dulaney Rd. towards the Western Kentucky Pkwy.....
Burkittsville. Spook Hill Spook Hill is located just outside of Burkittsville, Maryland. From Harpers Ferry, take Route 340 toward Frederick, Maryland, and at the third .....
Arcadia. Gravity Hill If you take Highway M22 north out of Arcadia for a few miles, you'll come to Joyfield Road. Turn right at Joyfield Road and drive a few .....
Rose City. Magnetic Hill Head East from the stoplight on 33 in Rose City, travel about 3 miles on Rose City Rd, turn left on Reasoner Rd (heading North) and travel .....
Springer. Magnetic Hill Magnetic Hill is located 1 1/2 miles west of I-35 and Highway 53 West to Pioneer/Pitt Road, then turn north and go about 1/2 mile to .....
Harrisburg. Gravity Hill Its weird, its perplexing, but is it real? Just outside of Harrisburg PA, some weird things are going on! Cars are rolling up hill right before your eyes.
New Paris, Gravity Hill Remember, you are on a public road! Before setting out check your rear-view mirror for any upcoming traffic, put your car in neutral and let .....
Shullsburg, Gravity Hill Near White's Hill, just South of Rennick Road, on County Truck U, South of Shullsburg, in LaFayette County.

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International Directory of
Magnetic Hills, Gravity Hills, Mystery Hills and Magnetic Mountains