Gloucester, Ontario. (1943 - 1972)

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Radio Communications and Signals
Intelligence in the RCN

CFS Gloucester
Naval Radio Station Gloucester (pronounced "Gloster"), call sign CGI, was established as a HFDF facility on February 23,1943. During the war years the station was officially known as "Number 1 Station HMCS Bytown" and for brevity it was sometimes referred to as "No. 1". From December 1, 1950 to April 1, 1953 the name was changed to HMCNRS . Between 1953 and 1966 the base was known as HMCS Gloucester, then CFS Gloucester until it closed.
Gloucester played a vital role in the Allied efforts of World War II and for years afterwards during the Cold War. Its primary role in 1943 was to pinpoint the location of German U-boats in the North Atlantic using radio direction finding equipment. This was accomplished by intercepting Morse Code transmissions from the subs as they radioed to headquarters in Germany and the French coast.
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