Hillsborough. New Brunswick

1981 or earlier.

7 September 1987

Photo Credits: CRHA .
Tower Information (09-05)
Built: By Horton Steel in 1931. Capacity: 189,270 liters. Water Source: the "canal"*
The Canadian Gypsum Company water tower (left picture with CGC) and surrounding property land was purchased by The Canadian Railroad
Historical Association (CRHA) in 1981. Shortly after that (1987) CGC was painted over and the SH logo added for The Salem & Hillsborough Railroad , a tourist railroad.
Area Information: * The water in this water tank was used basically in the preliminary washing of the gypsum as it started on its progress towards the end product. So the water in the water tank was just pumped out of what was known locally as the "canal." This is basically a glorified drainage ditch that also carried water from a small stream out to a nearby aboiteau** for discharge into the Petitcodiac River. The Petitcodiac River is a tidal river.
** An aboiteau is a sluice gate in a dike that prevents sea water from flowing in but allows flood water to flow out.
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