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Tower Information
Signage: Aylmer
Built: 1986
Height: 45.72 meters
Capacity: 4,300,000 liters
Photo credit: Town of Aylmer

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Aylmer - Ontario
Elgin County, Southern Ontario. Photo © Town of Aylmer

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Area Information

Through the years Aylmer has had several names, first called Hodgkinson's Corners because of the location of a business belonging to Philip Hodgkinson. The settlement remained Hodgkinson's Corners until settlers from the state of New York renamed it Troy after a settlement on the Hudson River. The name Troy was not liked because of the American connection. In 1835 the community was named Aylmer after Lord Aylmer, the Governor General of Canada. The coming of the railway, the Great Western Line, in 1873 encouraged manufacturing on a large scale. Town of Aylmer

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