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Port Hope - Ontario
Northcumberland County. Southern Ontario. Photo © Standpipe: Peter Mills. Water tower: Mark Visser

Standpipe Information
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Built: 1974
Height: 47 meters
Capacity: 1,104,700 liters
Water source: lake Ontario

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Tower Information

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Area information
Port Hope is a town in Southern Ontario, about 109 kilometres (68 mi) east of Toronto and about 159 kilometres (99 mi) west of Kingston. Port Hope's nearest urban neighbour (25 km to the west) is the City of Oshawa.
In 1793, United Empire Loyalists became the first permanent settlers of European heritage in Port Hope, which they called Smith's Creek after a former fur trader. Mills and a town plot were developing by the turn of the century. After the War of 1812, more British settlers were wanted, and a better name was required. After a brief fling with the name Toronto, the village was renamed in 1817 as Port Hope, after the Township of Hope of which it was a part, which in turn had been named for Colonel Henry Hope, lieutenant governor of the Province of Quebec.
In 1834 Port Hope was incorporated as a town. Wikipedia
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