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Simcoe - Southwestern Ontario
Norfolk County. Haldimand-Norfolk. Photo © Mark Visser

Tower Information( )
Location: Robinson Street
Built: 1929. decommissioned: 1991
Height: Capacity:
Tower Information
Location: 296 Union Street. Signage: Simcoe haldimand-Norfolk
Built: 1963.
Height: 37.7 meters.
Capacity: 3,409,000 liters
Plant information
In 1929, the American Can Company started manufacturing at this former Central School location. During war times, the plant was temporarily used to make shell and artillery casings. The facilities were bought in 1988 byThe facilities were bought in 1988 by Ball Packaging which closed the plant in 1991.
Area information. Simcoe is a town in Southwestern Ontario near Lake Erie. Simcoe is at the junction of Highway 3, at Highway 24, south of Brantford, and east of Hamilton.. Simcoe was founded in 1795 by Lieutenant Governor John Graves Simcoe. Initially, the settlement consisted of two distinct areas, Birdtown, named by William Bird who arrived in the early 1800s and the Queensway which grew up around Aron Culver's sawmill and grist mill in the 1820s. The post office opened in 1829 and was called Simcoe. Red Kelly, a retired NHL hockey player and coach is from Simcoe. Wikipedia
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