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Toronto, 1, 2, 3- Southwestern Ontario
GTA. Photo © Mark Visser
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WaterTower - Rexdale Blvd.
Location: 51 Rexdale Blvd.
ABC Air Management Systems Inc.
Water Tower - Islington Ave.
Location: 2200 Islington Blvd.
Signage: Sears
Water Tower - Sheppard Ave.
Location: Sheppard @ Morningside
Signage: Toronto
Built: late 1970s
Height: 43 meters
Capacity: 7,600,00 liters.
Area information. The city officially became Toronto on March 6, 1834, but its roots are much older. A bustling village called Teiaiagon grew up here, which became the site of a French trading post. After the British won the Seven Years' War, the trading post was renamed York in 1793. More than 40 years later the city again took the name Toronto. Following an unsuccessful American invasion in 1812, several devastating fires, and a rebellion in 1837, there was a slow but steady increase in the population of white Anglo-Saxon Protestants leading into the 20th century. Since World War II, Toronto has attracted residents from all over the world. Unlike the American "melting pot," Toronto is more of a "tossed salad" of diverse ethnic groups. Fodors travel
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